Tips on Finding The Best Penny Stocks

Tips on Finding The Best Penny Stocks

It seems logical that before you put your money into any investment, you would like to be aware if the stocks you are buying have a realistic possibility of increasing in value. There are thousands of penny stocks that exist on the market. It is imperative that before you purchase any of these stocks, you know how to identify the top stocks from over hyped ones. Before I begin, I’d like to say that prior to looking for some penny stocks you’d like to buy, you need a broker. My broker of choice is Questrade, as I have been a client of theirs for some time now. Check out the review I linked to for more details! read more

Debt To Asset Ratio

Debt to asset ratio determines the proportion of external financing used to purchase business assets. A debt to asset ratio of 0.6x indicates that 60% of the total assets are financed through external debt. It is calculated as:

Total Debt includes all external liabilities and can be calculated as:

Total Liabilities – Shareholder’s equity

Generally a debt to asset ratio of 0.50 is considered to be prudent. A higher ratio indicates the use of too much leverage and the company may have problems meeting their financial obligations. Companies with a high debt to asset ratio are referred to as ‘highly leveraged’ and are considered to be at a high risk financially. Hence, they may find it difficult to raise further debt or equity to finance any expansion plans. read more

Consistent Stock Trading

Investing has definitely never been easier than it is today. To be a successful trader, you need to zero in on a strategy that works specifically for you. Let’s suppose you have already paper traded and understand the technicalities of the market, how then do you stay consistent with stock trading when you are just starting out? Is there any secret to staying profitable?

Consistency in Stock Trading

The key to consistency in stock trading is really straightforward, but can be difficult to achieve. It requires you to stay true to your path. You need to remove distractions that can cause deviation from your goals and trading rules. Trading is not a get-rich quick game, at least that cannot be your mentality when starting out. Trading is a long-term commitment. To maintain your consistency, you want to control the two following factors read more

Cash Flow Statement Example

As mentioned in the article on income statements

The income statement indicates the profitability of a company’s operations while the balance sheet reveals the financial health of a company at a given point of time. However, both these statements tend to ignore the cash generating capacity of a business, and profitability does not always guarantee liquidity. Generating cash over time is very much essential for a company’s long-term survival, as it is required for conducting day-to-day operations. Many firms have failed due to a lack of cash on hand, even though their operations have been profitable. read more

Buy Bonds and Make Money

Buy Bonds and Make Money

A bond is a debt obligation and is considered borrowing money. You need to repay the money in the bond (also called a loan) to the issuer of the loan. And just like a loan, you pay interest. Most bonds are purchased by lenders. A lender could be you. The issuer could be the federal government.

The reason to buy a bond is to lend money to be able to fund your venture/business. You may have your government sell a bond and use the money to fund government ventures such as building businesses, funding a conference or building street lights. A business may sell you a bond as well to create an investor in their business. The sold bonds represent an interest in the business creating an investor. With so many investors they then have enough capital invested in the business that they can do what they had proposed to do. read more

Coca-Cola Stock History and How They Got Were They Are Today

Coca-Cola Stock History and How They Got Were They Are Today

Coca-Cola is a brand that has gained an almost cult-like popularity for the period it has been around. Indeed, it is only true that a brand that was born close to a century ago can still claim a huge share of the consumer market if it remains faithful to the growing demands of its consumers. It can be temping to invest in a company like Coca-Cola blindly, but it is important you do your due diligence. Here is a great article on some investing concepts beginners often take way too far.

The history of the brand has been almost colorful throughout the brand’s existence. In order to delve deeply into the history of coca cola stock, we shall try to discuss some important milestones in the company; the very milestones that have seen them maintain an edge of their competitors. read more

Forex Trading : The Lowdown On Forex Trading

Forex Trading : The Lowdown On Forex Trading

There are many opportunities for people who understand the benefits of investing especially in Forex trading. That is why currency trading is one of the most sought-after investments. It has been enhanced by online Forex trading where traders trade through brokers and experience the same impact as those on the physical floor. For beginners, many online resource centers have information and tips about this market. This helps in choosing the right brokers and ones who will offer other services such as the news feed, charts to help traders when choosing the trades and also commentaries about the trades going on and anything else on the Forex trading floor. read more

Are Penny Stocks Dangerous? Information On Pink Sheet Stocks

Are Penny Stocks Dangerous? Information On Pink Sheet Stocks

Penny Stocks are defined as common shares of a small public company that have a value of less than $5.00. Because of its small value they are often targeted to manipulate the price. For example, a person may purchase a huge amount of shares and release faulty information. This may cause the penny stock to rise in price drastically when it shouldn’t have and the scammer may sell his shares, causing the price to plummet.

This is why before any kind of investment is made in a penny stock, it is important to go through technical and also calculative research concerning the entire performance of the company. Success in penny stocks is purely based on research and technical indicators. With the correct research and the right companies, these kinds of penny stocks include less risk and are better suited to move in the investors favor. Thus, in order to know if penny stocks dangerous it is important to know the benefits that these kinds of stocks offer: read more

Hello everyone! I am excited to launch this project.

Before I begin explaining why I created this website, I’d like to introduce and talk a little about myself first. My name is Margrett Hindi and I have been a professional Canadian forex trader for over 10 years now! Now that I am moving closer to retirement(thank god!) I’ve decided to start a blog and explain exactly what I did to maximize my wealth throughout my career. I didn’t just trade currencies, I managed a lot of stock trading as well including penny stocks.

What this blog will be about

The large majority of this blog will focus on forex trading and maximizing your returns in that area. BUT, I will be writing on all things finance and trading, whether it be trading penny stocks or commodities. Over the course of this blog I will supply you with information to make you a better Forex trader and a better trader in general. A lot of the things we do in trading applies to every specific trading niche out there. I am talking about the mental aspect of it. Whether you are trading currency or stocks, your mental game has to be on point, if it isn’t, you are doomed. read more