Forex Trading : The Lowdown On Forex Trading

Forex Trading : The Lowdown On Forex Trading

There are many opportunities for people who understand the benefits of investing especially in Forex trading. That is why currency trading is one of the most sought-after investments. It has been enhanced by online Forex trading where traders trade through brokers and experience the same impact as those on the physical floor. For beginners, many online resource centers have information and tips about this market. This helps in choosing the right brokers and ones who will offer other services such as the news feed, charts to help traders when choosing the trades and also commentaries about the trades going on and anything else on the Forex trading floor. read more

Hello everyone! I am excited to launch this project.

Before I begin explaining why I created this website, I’d like to introduce and talk a little about myself first. My name is Margrett Hindi and I have been a professional Canadian forex trader for over 10 years now! Now that I am moving closer to retirement(thank god!) I’ve decided to start a blog and explain exactly what I did to maximize my wealth throughout my career. I didn’t just trade currencies, I managed a lot of stock trading as well including penny stocks.

What this blog will be about

The large majority of this blog will focus on forex trading and maximizing your returns in that area. BUT, I will be writing on all things finance and trading, whether it be trading penny stocks or commodities. Over the course of this blog I will supply you with information to make you a better Forex trader and a better trader in general. A lot of the things we do in trading applies to every specific trading niche out there. I am talking about the mental aspect of it. Whether you are trading currency or stocks, your mental game has to be on point, if it isn’t, you are doomed. read more